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Whether you're looking for help with starting a new blog or just want to make your existing blog 'pretty' you've come to the right place. While I can never profess to being a guru, I am able to pass along my knowledge and help new bloggers get to know their way around blogland. My original prefab themes are some of the prettiest you'll find and my step-by-step tutorials are meant to empower the novice blogger by teaching them how to set up their blog in as few steps as possible with the least amount of headaches. If you're looking for more in-depth tutorials, please see the smattering of resources I use myself under the "Designer Tools" section in my sidebar.
Recent Blogger Changes~
Blogger has recently undergone some major changes and those of us who design custom blog themes have been scrambling to rewrite the library of tutorials we've published to help bloggers. Because of these changes you may find that you're using one of two Blogger interfaces ~ the old interface appears with a blue band running across the top...
Old Blogger Interface
While the new interface appears with a smattering of orange and mostly white area...
New Blogger Interface
I am currently in the process of rewriting the collection of tutorials to address the new interface so you can look for the title below to be a working link very shortly.
Getting to Know the Blogger Interface ~ coming soon!
At this time Blogger currently offers the ability to revert back to the 'old' user interface but this ability will probably go away sometime before the end of April 2012. I do encourage you to take advantage of this option, as long as it is available, if you want to use the nearly endless supply of creative original themes made by me and the plethora of other wonderful designers out there. And so I recommend beginning with the following tutorial...

Before you begin...

How to: Revert Back to the Old Blogger Interface
Note: I'm in the process of updating all of my tutorials for the new Blogger interface but in the meantime you can still use the tutorials below by reverting back to the old Blogger interface. In truth it's the easiest and most stable way to go as Blogger continues to work out the bugs of it's new Blogger Interface.

Now that you're using the old and dare I say easier Blogger interface, I recommend moving onto to reading this brief explanation about templates and themes ~ it helps to understand the basics behind setting up a designer theme and let's face it, that's why you're here, isn't it?! So now let's move on to...

Understanding Basic Blog Design Issues ~ Q&A

Now that you have a little more knowledge under you're belt, you're ready to move on to making your own blog truly 'yours' with some fabulous theme elements. You can always find a complete list of my theme elements by visiting the "Themes" section and there are more fabulous add-ons to be found in the "Elements" section.

If you find you're not quite sure how to navigate your way around your blog yet then you may wish to skip down to the "Getting Started with Blogging" section first, which covers topics like writing your first blog post and working with pages. If you're ready to just dig in and make everything fabulous then let's begin with...

New Tutorial~This tutorial is the first in a long line of new tutorials I'm working on which use the Blogger "Template Designer". This new blogger tool is a fun user friendly design tool for personalizing your own blog. So dig in and give a try with...
New! How to: Use the "Simple" Template with Designer Themes

Decorative Themes & Add-ons

Getting Started with Blogging

This symbol indicates the tutorial has been updated to include screenshots from the new Blogger interface.

Most of my tutorials are written for those who are not comfortable with computers and the internet - they are meant to be a literal step-by-step instruction.

Please help me, help you... if you find any broken links or errors I would love to hear from you so I can repair them. More tutorials will be added to this list as I create them.

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