Working with Titles & Labels

It's always so striking to me how few bloggers use Titles and Labels when writing their blog postings and I imagine this is due in part to simply not understanding the importance they hold in helping people actually find the information we write about on our blogs.

Both Titles and Labels are equally important because they help our visitors more easily find information in our blogs, either by finding our blog posts through commonly used search engines like Google or by using the search feature which you hopefully have positioned somewhere on your sidebar*.

To easily access and view all of the titles and labels you've used in your blog posts, visit the "Edit Posts" page found under the "Postings" tab...

Using "Titles" for your blog posts is essential for a number of reasons, non more so than for your own organization. Using titles allows you to easily view previous blog posts and find them faster ...

There you will find a list of all the blog posts you've written, listed by date and showing their titles.

In this section you will also find an alphabetical list of all the Labels you've used for your blog postings and the amount of posts containing those Labels...

are important because it's how the "Search this blog" feature is used to find previous blog posts and it's also how the Google search engine sorts our blog posts, by title.

The feature Blogger calls "Labels" is also known as tags or keywords on the internet. This is an important feature to include with each blog posting because it also helps keep our blog organized, allows search engines to organize and list our blog posts and also helps that nifty LinkWithin gadget work which can be found at the bottom of many blog postings.To include a Title in your blog post simply look for this area...and type in a title related to what you're writing about in your blog post. It's reminiscent of grade school when we had to define a paragraph in as few words as possible and you can have some fun with it by making your titles catchy or enticing so that your visitors will want to read more.

To add Labels to your post just think of a few words that relate to what you're writing about, for example this posting will include "tutorial" and "how to". To include Labels in your blog post just look for this area when writing your blog post...and be sure each word is followed by a comma, like so...Using Titles and Labels may take a few extra seconds when composing your blog posts but in the long run can save you loads of time by helping to organize your postings as well as helping to create a more enjoyable experience for your visitors.

*If you are not currently using the search feature gadget on your blog and wish to add it go to the "Design" tab (1) of your blog, then click on "Page Elements" (2), next click on "Add-a-Gadget" (3), then look for "Search box" and click the blue plus button to add...


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