How to Add a Favicon Icon

Today I'd like to talk about a new feature I noticed while roaming around the back end of my blog. I noticed a new item I hadn't see before, there under the "Design" tab was a new goodie titled Favicon.

Now, for those of you who aren't familiar with this term, a favicon is the little icon associated with a website. It can appear in the address of a website or in your browser's favorites & bookmarks area. Mine is the little plumrose inserted above as an example. These icons cater to the part of our brains which absorb symbols and icons, as described by Carl Jung, but we'll save that topic for another day...

Blogger has now simplified the process of adding a favicon icon to our blogs; where we once had to dabble in the html code section of our blogs, we can now easily upload an image and voila! Our own personal favicon appears
. So, if you're interested in adding your own favicon to your blog simply navigate to the "Design: tab of your blog and click the "Edit" link next to the Favicon object to upload an image. I'm not sure if there are size minimums as favicons are usually very small, so here's a link to generate a free tiny favicon online ~ Dynamic Drive Favicon Generator.