Blogger Interface: How to Revert Back

For those of you who have been struggling to navigate your way around the new Blogger interface, I've written some easy steps below to revert back to the old interface. So just follow along and you'll be back to 'old' before you know it. And, as with all of my tutorials, if you need to view a larger version of the example image, simply click on it to enlarge.

Log into your blog and navigate to this page, usually found by clicking on the "Design" or "Template" link in the top right hand corner of your blog...

(Note: if you have more than one blog then you will need to click on a specific blog title ~ if you change the layout for one blog you change them for all of your blogs.)

Next, click on the little gear in the top right side...

Now click on "Old Blogger interface"...

You will now be reverted back to the old interface. All of my own tutorials are written for this interface and so you can now easily navigate these tutorials.

I do plan on updating all of my tutorials to fit within the new interface once time permits so you can look for those down the line.


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