Understanding Basic Blogger Design Issues ~ Questions & Answers

Below is a PDF discussing basic differences between templates and themes. This information is important if you are interested in using Designer Themes and Backgrounds like those I to bloggers. This information will help you make the most out of your efforts to create a blog look that's truly 'yours'. Please read this information before using my free prefab backgrounds ~
Answering Basic Design Questions for Blogger Blogs

Now that you have a little more knowledge under you're belt, you are ready to move on to modifying your own blog with some fabulous theme elements. You can easily find these by clicking the top navigation links on my blog or by visiting the "Themes" and "Elements" sections.



  1. I just found your site, one day too late I guess. I'm currently paying a designer to revamp my blog, after the first designer did not work out. I can not do phone consults, everything is via email, which can get frustrating. I wish, wish, wish I found you sooner. I am currently following you and I guess we will see what the future will bring! :) Love, love, love your site!!!

    1. Thanks for your comment Maria ~ I'm always here is you need a hand or just want a makeover on that makeover but more importantly I hope your travels in blogland are inspiring!


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