How to: Add a Signature

Recently a customer asked me to add a signature to their blog and so I realized this was something I needed to learn to do. It was surprisingly easy and so below are the simple steps to add a signature to your blog posts.

{Before we begin: You will need a signature in image format - preferably a png with a clear background so any colors or backgrounds will show through. You can either create an image using a graphics program like Gimp or Photoshop or you can purchase a signature image like those for sale in my etsy shop. This image will also need to hosted on a website, I use Photobucket as I find them to be reliable and trustworthy.}

Begin by logging into your blog and navigate to the "Settings" tab...

Next click on "Formatting"...

Scroll down to the "Post Template" box...Then copy the code below and paste it into the box...

The box should now look like this...
Then replace the words "SIGNATURE URL" with the address of where your own signature image is stored. I'll insert mine in the example below...
To finish, click the orange "Save Settings" button...
You'll see a yellow-orange confirmation that your changes have been saved...

Now we'll go over to view the new signature, just click on "Posting"...
The New Post screen opens and there you can see your new signature inserted...Simply click to the left of the signature image to begin typing your blog post and voila! You've added a signature to your blog posts ~ Congratulations!


post signature

Special thanks to my hubby for letting me use his Darkside Metalworks blog for these tutorial examples ~ thanks D♥

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