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You may have noticed recently the back-end of your blog has undergone some changes. It's especially noticeable for those who are trying to follow along with one of my (or the many other) online tutorials. So I'm here to try and shed some light on a few changes, at least until I have the time to revamp my tutorials, in the hope this will alleviate some confusion ~ not to mention frayed nerves and potential headaches.


The first noticeable change is the old "Layout" link has been replaced with the new "Design" link...
This is noticeable in the top right corner when visiting our own blog (assuming you're signed into your blog).
This change came about when Blogger added the new Design feature they offer which enables bloggers to choose from a wide array of blog themes, layouts, and templates.Gone as well is the old "Layout" tab, which has been replaced by the new "Design" tab...
Most of the same items can be found under this newly named tab although some have been moved, which brings us to the next change...


Where there used to be an option to "Pick New Template"...

The feature for locating and changing your template (old style template - such as Minima or Minima Black), can now be found under the "Design" tab.

Simply click on the "Edit Html" link found under the Design" tab...
Then scroll down the page and below the orange "Old Templates" you'll find a blue "Select Layout Template"....
Click here and you will have access to the older version templates which are suitable for the backgrounds I create as well as many other graphic designers...
Beyond these changes, it appears Blogger is putting alot of effort into other modifications, some good and some bothersome. Perhaps many of you noticed recently that comments were either missing or delayed in showing up, or when you tried to add or modify a sidebar item a title was required for the item.

When I encounter nerve racking situations like these I usually run over to my favorite blogging guru at Blog U. It's a great location to find helpful blogging advice and the host, Sharon, is usually very up-to-date on glitches and often has helpful temporary fixes.

I hope this all helps you enjoy blogging a bit more and helps you navigate the tough times with a little more tranquility.

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