How To: Set up & Edit Your Blogger Profle

This tutorial will cover how to set up your blogger profile. This is especially helpful for enabling others to find you and your blog and is handy for those who have may have a blog for testing backgrounds which they don't necessarily want others to see.

To begin, you'll need to sign in to your blog then navigate to the area I like to call the "backroom" of your blog. There you will see a small blue link for the "Dashboard" at the top right side of your screen....

On the next screen you'll see a selection of information including a list of your blog/s, and your avatar. We're here to modify your profile so click on the second choice below your avatar "Edit Profile"...

This is the area where you can choose what to show and what to hide from your visitors. Editing this information is easy, just read over the choices and select which items you wish to display in your Blogger profile.

{Some things to keep in mind are...

If you enter giveaways on blogs then you may wish to select the "Show my email address". This will enable a blogger to contact you should you win.

Keep your lists of interests brief, you don't want your visitors to get lulled to sleep.

You may want to avoid using your real name if you're blogging under your business name as this will help with business recognition and you can always sign your posts and comments with your real name so others get to know you.

For now, we're going to work in the "Select Blogs to Display" area, so click that blue link...

In this area you will see a list of the blogs you have assigned for your profile. You can easily click the box to the left of the blog name to select or deselect the blogs you wish to display...

Once you are finished click the blue "Save Settings" button...

To return to the previous screen simply click the blue "edit profile" link at the top of the page...

You can then make any other changes or additions to your profile...

And once you are finished click the orange "Save Profile" button...

That's it! You've now successfully edited your profile. You can return to this area at any time to update your profile and add or delete the visibility of any new blogs you may add.


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