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Welcome ~ I am currently updating this section of my blog.  With the recent changes to Blogger's user interface I have begun to rewrite my collection of step-by-step tutorials.  New tutorials will appear as a link once they have been completed. Please check back often as I am constantly updating this section.
Below is a list of tutorials to help you learn how to use your blog.  Most of my tutorials are written for the novice or beginner. If you are looking for more in-depth tutorials dealing with more complicated issues I encourage you to do a simply search on Google as there are loads of alternative resources.

If you are new to Blogger, welcome... I hope you find my tutorials very helpful.  If at any time you have a problem or run into an issue please feel free to leave a comment or contact me via email.

Decorative Themes & Add-Ons
Before You Begin
Understanding Basic Blogger Design Issues - Q & A 

How to: Add a Guest User to Your Blog
How to: Setup and Adjust the "Picture Window" Template - for use with designer blog themes
How to: Install a Decorative Blog Background
How to: Install a Blog Header
How to: Center a Blog Header
How to: Push (or Center) a Blog Header - alternative method
How to: Add a Title to a Blog Header
How to: Install Sidebar Tags ~ image gadget
How to: Install a Blog Badge ~ html code gadget
How to: Add a Favicon
How to: Add a Post Signature
How to: Add a Decorative Post Divider

Getting Started with Blogging
How to: Create a Blog
How to: Delete a Blog
Understanding Your Blog - getting to know the back end area
How to: Write a Blog Post ~ video
How to: Create a Page
Getting to Know Sidebar Gadgets
How to: Setup Your Blogger Profile
Working with Titles and Labels

Beyond Basics
How to: Add Paypal to Your Blog
How to: Link Your Blog to Your Twitter Feed
How to: Link Your Blog to Your Facebook Page

Beyond Blogging
Protecting Your Computer ~ a few helpful tips
Working With Google Chrome ~ how to use a faster, more reliable browser

Looking for more help? 
If you've tried and just can't manage to figure your blog out OR you'd rather get on with the fun part of writing posts and skip the headaches, then be sure to check out my Helping Hands section.  Simply click the titles below to find out more about this personal service I offer.

Setup a Designer Blog Theme
Fix an Issue with Your Blog
Personal Telephone Tutoring Session



  1. Thankyou so much for your wonderful tutorials,you are a blessing.I am an extreme novice at this business,and the time you have taken,has saved ME and my SANITY.I have only just finished editing my template and am ready to go.
    Margie T

    1. My pleasure Margie ~ I'm so happy they were helpful.

  2. I can not thank you enough for your fabulous tutorials. They are clear and consise and easy to follow. My blog is looking impressively wonderful and pretty. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Kind regards

  3. I think I need to bookmark this post for another day! Thank you so much.. :)

  4. Hi:
    Have you any idea on how to set up a slideshow for my blogspot?
    I will like to permanently post it as the head of the blog.
    Thanks in advance for your help.

    1. Hi Jorge,
      As far as I know the only way to have something look like a slide show for your blog's header is to create it in Flash or Hmtl 5. The other option might be to use no title, description, or image for your header and then install the slide gadget just below that area. That might suit your needs but it's something I've never tested so I would know for sure.
      Hope that helps~


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