How To: Add a Guest Author to Your Blog

This tutorial covers the steps to add a guest author to your blog.  This option comes in handy if you need help with your blog or if you would like to host a guest writer.

1. To begin, log into your blog and navigate to the "Settings" page as show below...

2. In the Permissions area, find the "Add authors" link and click that...

3. A white text area will appear below...

4. In the text field, type in the email address of your guest, being sure to type their address accurately...

5. Once you begin typing an orange button will appear below the text field, click the button to send the invitation to your guest...

6. Your guest will receive an email from Blogger inviting them to join your blog. The email will include a link they will need to click to accept and join.  Once they have accepted you will see their information show up next to yours in the Permissions area....

7. At this stage, they are only an Author... this means they have the ability to write a blog post, and is denoted by the title next to their info...

8. To change their status to Admin and give them access to your entire blog, then click on the button with "Author" and change it to "Admin"...

9. Once you've changed their status from Author to Admin you will need to notify them since Blogger does not send out an email notification for this step.

That's it!



  1. I did this, but it adds the guest author's profile under the profile widget next my profile. Anyway to prevent this?

    1. Hi Karel,
      Unfortunately not ~ when you add a guest to your blog it automatically changes the "About Me" gadget to "Contributors" and it won't change back until they're no longer a guest.


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